HOSW could be closing down soon.

 We could be closing soon because of Google! 

Over the past year, Google has taken over our building for the construction of their new offices. 

What happened?  

Google took over our building in Johannisstrasse, Mitte in 2019 and became our landlord. They started the massive renovation and construction in early 2020 without any communication. 

The noise, dust, toxic material, and building malfunctions (e.g. water switched off, gas outages, no elevator, etc.) make it more and more challenging to continue daily operations and welcome our guests in the same location.  

No conversation. No plan. No care. 

Google is acting like a bully and trying to force us out, they have acted illegally, unethically and immorally, and all without communication – never responding to our request to talk. We are completely in the dark and have had to deal with the inconveniences and operational challenges on a daily basis. They don’t care about us or our community. They don't care about doing the right thing. 

What will happen next? 

While we try to pursue legal action to fight for our rights (which can take a looooong while), we need your support and help so that Google will respond to us and begin a conversation, where we can hopefully reach a sensible and fair consensus. 

You could help us by: 

1. Forwarding our Instagram post to @SundarPichai (Google CEO) @Rowanbarnett (Head of Google.org EMEA & APAC) 


2. Add our post to your Instagram STORY so that more people can know about this. Tag @houseofsmallwonderberlin @SundarPichai & @Rowanbarnett and next time you visit, a free cup of coffee is on us!

3. With enough momentum, hopefully Google can't ignore us anymore and at the very least we can start a conversation.